Friday, June 14, 2013

Chickens Even Appear on BBC Program: Would I Lie to You?

Does Kirsty Young, Scottish television and radio presenter, name her chickens after famous newsreaders? Find out in this BBC segment from Would I Lie to You?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Keeping Eggs Fresh

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs                                                Shobe Biz Communications

Remember that vintage Volkswagen ad where too many people are stuffed into a Volkswagen Bug?

Sometimes when I open the door to my spare refrigerator in the garage I think of that ad.  Dozens of vintage eggs cartons filled with organic, multi-colored eggs are stacked to the top of every shelf. It looks as if the refrigerator was laying the eggs itself.

I usually try to sell the eggs a day or so after they are laid. I even make presents of the eggs by bringing them as hostess gifts. But, sometimes I'm so busy with  life that the eggs simply stack up. Wasting the precious output of my happy hens simply isn't an option.

Here is a decent article (get past the opening, get to the facts, and ignore some of the grammatical errors) about the many ways that you can preserve your eggs: Twelve Ways to Store Chicken Eggs to Keep Their Freshness by Fahran Sheikh.

Some of the options that Skeikh  includes are:

1.  A blooming good idea: Don't wash unwashed eggs. The eggs have a bloom on them that keeps them fresher longer.

2.  The ostrich technique: Bury unwashed eggs in dry sand.

3.  The beach-goers technique: Coat them with mineral oil.

4.  The "I'm all mixed-up" technique: Beat them like scrambled eggs, put them into airtight containers and freeze them.

The only one I've tried so far is not washing the egg until I am ready to use it. I've noticed that the bloom does help the egg stay fresh much longer.

With 12 new hens just two months away from laying,  it's time to start exploring my options, again, for keeping the girls' eggs fresh. I think I'll start first with my own technique: cleaning out the spare refrigerator.