Thursday, January 26, 2012

PETA's Super Bowl Ad Campaign is for the Birds

Contributor Tim Nudd broke the news today in the AdFreak section of Adweek's online magazine that PETA's campaign, "Let them keep their damn wings..." is set to fly onto billboards in New York, Boston and Indianapolis for the 46th Super Bowl weekend. PETA's billboard campaign, shown above, asks Super Bowl fans to go vegan instead of eating the notoriously famous football dish--chicken wings. According to PETA's news release, over six hundred million chickens are killed for wing consumption for Super Bowl weekend.

It's a good thing that rivals New England Patriots and New York Giants are in this year's Super Bowl. If the Philadelphia Eagles entered the fray, PETA would really have something to squawk about.

Although I'm an advocate for the humane treatment of animals, I think PETA's campaign is a bit bird-brained. But, if you disagree, by all means, please check out PETA's recipes for mouth-watering Super Bowl weekend alternatives at

To take a gander at some of PETA's controversial ads from years past:

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