Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chinese National Olympic Marathon Team Raise Their Own Chickens

(This is not the Chinese National Olympic Team)

In an attempt to have food that is toxin-free, the Chinese National Olympic Marathon Team has resorted to raising their own chickens. According to Reuters, Clenbuterol, a prescribed bronchodilator for asthmatics, is "sometimes fed to livestock by unscrupulous farmers" in order to produce a leaner meat that garners a higher price.

Food scandals are nothing new to China. In an article by the United Kingdom's Telegraph, here are the top 10 Chinese food scandals:

1.   Melamine contaminated milk - six babies killed; 300,000 sickened
2.   Toxic bean sprouts
3.   Pesticide-drenched yard-long beans
4.   Leather milk
5.   Aluminum dumplings
6.   Glow-in-the-dark pork
7.   Lean meat powder pork
8.   Toxic "take-away" boxes
9.   "Sewer" oil
10. "Cadmium" rice

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