Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Celebrity Chicks with Chicks

Tori Spelling with her White Silkie.

It seems like everywhere you go now, you hear about women raising chicks. Is this just some new-fangled trend? Or, is that seekers of untainted, organic, nourishing food are deciding that they have to take "good food" into their own hands?

Things that are trendy always seem to have the celebrity "label" on them. But, in some cases, like Martha Stewart, raising chickens is something's she's been doing for years.

Here are some celebrity "chicken" highlights punked from the Internet:

It was almost exactly a year ago that Daily Mail showed Tori Spelling with her white Silkie chicken and reported on her fondness for raising chickens.

Oprah highlighted Barbra Streisand's home and barn where Ms. Streisand raises Araucana chickens that lay green eggs.

Elizabeth Hurley also seems to have a penchant for chicken charms. It was reported by Ecorazzi over four years ago that Hurley was starting a television show about organic farming. I wonder what ever happened to that...

Martha Stewart is no slumming urban farmer. Rather she raises chickens on her palatial estate and has for many years. But, we'd expect no less from Stewart.

Here's a great article about chicks who raise chicks written by Peggy Orenstein for the New York Times a couple of years ago: The Femivore's Dilemma.

Breaking News from Ecorazzi: Jennifer Aniston is now raising chickens. Maybe the new trend isn't celebrities raising chickens but celebrities going from hot men like Brad Pitt to raising chickens...Oh, wait, I forgot, Tori's still married...

1/j6/13: And, new to the chicken scene is Helen Hunt. 

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  1. I love chickens and I love hearing about 'famous' people loving chickens and raising them.