Monday, August 13, 2012

Concrete Jungles

Banana Tree                                     copyright Shobe Biz Communications

Figs, strawberries, clematis and heliotrope all grow in a sixty-six square feet of outdoor space in an urban garden in Brooklyn. Penelope Green wrote about it in the New York Times story, Tiny Concrete Jungles.

It doesn't matter how small the space, beauty and relaxation can be found anywhere. Challenge yourself to create your own special space, a space that makes the world seem good, even if it's a corner in a room. And, if it's outdoors, add in some chickens, if you feel you can be a responsible owner. Chickens add such a liveliness to a backyard. No matter what your mood, a half hour with the chickens will have you giggling.

If you missed my former blog about the inviting urban space built in downtown Chicago by a friend of mine and her husband, its pretty incredible what they did "between highrises." They even raised chickens in the space. Read about it on Chi-Town Chickens

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