Monday, November 12, 2012

Finding a New Home After Hurricane Sandy...for Chickens

Peg's Wyandotte                           Photo credit: Shobe Biz Communications
Hurricane Sandy Update:

Yesterday's Huffington Post article, Hurricane Sandy's NYC Death Toll Rises to 43; Northeast Still Cleaning Up After Devastation, stated that Hurricane Sandy killed a total of 121 people and caused an estimated  $50 billion in property damages and economic losses.

Four hours ago, CNN reported that some are still without power because internal equipment in their homes needs to be repaired first.

The New York Times reported that even though relocating the displaced has begun, tens of thousands of people are going to need homes.

Hurricane Sandy wreaked vast devastation to people and property, including devastation to chickens. Yes, chickens.

Yesterday's article in the New York Times, A Home for Them, And Their Chickens, reports about a couple, Hannah Kirshner and her boyfriend, Hiroshi Kumagai, who have been looking for a new home post Hurricane Sandy  for themselves and their four hens: Chicki Minaj, Hillary Chicken, Black Betty and Salt Hen Peppa aka Cookie Dough. They recognize that they may not be able to place their hens in a new home with them but that is their dream.

Read about the rescue of their hens through chest-high waters by a restaurateur and her partner and the hens' cohabitation with their seven cats!

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