Thursday, January 17, 2013

Egg-traordinary Facts

Eggs from Chicken Women's Girls          Photo credit: Shobe Biz Communications

Crack open a fresh-from-the-farm egg and what's the first reaction? The yolk is orange. Orange yolks mean that the eggs are higher in carotenoids, which usually means the egg has higher amounts of Vitamin A and Omega-3. 

The Stir  at has twelve surprise facts about eggs. Some of their other fun facts include:

1.  Vitamin D is all in the yolk of an egg.

2.  Those yucky little blood spots in the eggs (that we all try to avoid because it grosses us out) are when a blood vessel ruptures when the egg forms. They are not from fertilization.

3.  The freshest eggs sometimes have cloudy whites.

4.  A bad egg floats. My neighbor told me this one. Just think if all the human "bad eggs" floated??

5.  An egg takes 24-26 hours to form and the large end comes out first (I guess we can liken it to the head of baby). The average hen lays 250-270 eggs a year (ouch!). 

6.  To clean up egg off of the floor? Sprinkle salt on it.

Read the article for more amazing facts.

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