Friday, March 8, 2013

Working on a Dino-Hatch Day #3-The Evolution of Chickens from Dinosaurs

Family Reunion                      Illustration by Mary Williams

While working on Day #3 of my dino-hatch, I discovered this illustration by Paleo-artist and illustrator Mary Williams. According to her blog on Tumblr, she is just finishing grad school. I find her work fascinating, especially this one. She is making artistic commentary on the fact that researchers believe the chicken is the closest living relative to the dinosaur. They may be on to something. Just look at the claws of the chickens (compare my photo below with the illustration of Mary's above.) Tell me those little clawed wonders don't remind you of the Jurassic Period?

Here's a former blog post I wrote, The Distinction of Extinction: Did T-Rex Become A Chicken?

Photo by Shobe Biz Communications

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