Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Not a Croc---I Need a Name for my Mini-Farm

I swear. It's not a croc of you-know-what...

I just heard this morning that I am the winner of the Crooked Brook Custom Hooded Sweatshirt Giveaway. I won a custom embroidered sweatshirt with a Dominique chicken on the back along with the name of my ranch/farm, slogan, and url. It was a contest on the Local Farm blog out of Utica, NY.

Winning the contest made me think, I need a name for this little mini-farm I have going. Right now, it's unofficially Chickie Doodle Farm, Where chicks and doodles unite. (Mango, my new puppy, is an English Doodle.)

But, I'm open for creative suggestions...

Any ideas on what to name my little So. Cal. backyard farm? Any good ideas for slogans?

Great ideas win organic eggs in a cool vintage egg carton that I just ordered...if you're local. If not, I'll think of something--like maybe some little chick notecards.

In an email response from Mako:

First off, what are you doing with my shoes?!

And, here's the picture he posted. I love it!

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