Friday, May 11, 2012

Chicks in Flicks: A Possible New Documentary Film About Chickens

The Clucks Click                                           Photo by Nancy Shobe

You gotta love it.

According to its marketing, it's "the world's largest funding platform for creative projects." Search for chickens and you'll discover thirteen chicken projects. Some have been successfully funded--like Dinner with Fred, a short film about chickens who saved a man's life, and The Chicken and the Dog, a children's adventure book about urban chickens and their dog--and some have been, shall we say, less than successful (like the project requesting funding  to build a new poultry house on their OWN heritage farm).

As a creative person, I love nothing more than seeing what is incubating and about to be hatched.

Friends know this and recently sent this project along:
Bridge funding is currently being sought for a documentary film entitled: Chicken the Movie. Kermit Blackwood, along with critically-acclaimed filmmaker and producer Nick de Pencier, are planning a documentary film about chickens.

Here's an abbreviated version of what their site says:

Chicken the Movie will be the first feature length, educational documentary on the surprising and critical relationship between humans and chickens. Our film will explore the evolution and ecology of the chicken’s wild ancestors; the history of agriculture, civilization and human migration; the surprising diversity of non-edible products that include chicken; developments in cooking and food production, poultry genetics, immunology and the chicken’s role in pop culture.

Chicken the Movie asks: How did this iconic animal become the most populous and recognizable bird species on the planet and what is the future of the chicken? 

What to learn more about Chicken the Movie? Check it out at:  http//

I'm not advocating that the project be funded and I don't even know the principles involved. But, I do think it is an interesting concept for a documentary film as chickens are definitely the mascots of the sustainability movement and are overtaking backyards everywhere.

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