Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vintage Chicken Photo

Keith Dexter Skelton on Skelton Farm, PA   c1920 (Photo courtesy of Keith Skelton)                                              

It's not easy scratching around for old vintage photos with chickens in them.

This wonderful photo fell into my proverbial lap a few days ago. It was emailed to me by Keith Skelton. It's a picture of his father, Keith, on the Skelton Farm in Skeltontown, PA. The photo was taken around 1920.

It appears that the chickens nibbling the grass are White Leghorns. Perhaps, this young two-year old was helping his father "till the land" with his four-wheeled tractor?

Keith Skelton steered his life into greatness right from the beginning. He was a bomber pilot during World War II, flying over 50 missions in the war against Japan. He also served seven terms in the Oregon House of Representatives, taught at two state universities, and served on the Board of his local community college.

Too bad he's no longer with us today. If he was, I would ask him how his rural beginnings helped shaped him into the man he became.

Would he say that he spent a lot of time watching the chickens? Because, Keith obviously learned at an early age how to summon the courage to lift his wings and fly. And, when he did, boy, did he soar.

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  1. Beautiful picture and uplifting story - thank you!