Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Young Chicken Woman Shows Strength In Face of Loss

Myla's Chicks                                     Copyright: Myla    
A grandmother, Debra, wrote in today and said that her granddaughter, Myla, had lost her show chicks due to a barn owl. She said everyone in the family was quite upset.

Myla followed up her grandmother's email with her own. She sent in this picture and wrote:

This is the only pic I have of the two miniature bantams we lost. A barn owl flew into the carport and pulled them out of their cage. They were due to show in October at the Southern California fair.
The ones in the background are Americana Cockerels. They are fine in coop with big girls now. The black one was born without a tail but has beautiful plumage. I also lost two Brichen Cochin hens that won 1st and 2nd place last fall. Thank you for kind words. It isn't too late to try for a meat pen and showmanship. I'm not giving up. 

Myla, we are all very sorry for your loss. It's such a shock to have chickens taken away so quickly and tragically. You obviously loved and cared for your miniature bantams. It shows. I can only imagine that your two Brichen Cochin hens were just as special and well loved.

"I'm not giving up" are wonderful words. They show courage and strength. You are a young woman who obviously can see the positive in difficult situations and knows how to turn bad things around. These traits will serve you well in life.

I wish you more 1st and 2nd places at future fairs! Go, Myla, go!

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